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Our Parts Suppliers


With certificates like CE-EN15194 signed and issued by TUV and SGS

  • What are the advantages of E-bike?

    What are the advantages of E-bikes? It seems we’re surrounded by electric bikes. Why are electric bikes so popular? What are the advantages of E-bike? Let me share with you. 1.Move freely, ride easily Same as non-electric bicycles, they are abl …

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  • battery powered bike

    Daily use and maintenance of lithium battery

    Lithium battery is a kind of rechargeable battery. It has characteristics like high energy density, high current charge and discharge, no memory effect and low cost of raw materials. What’s more, it is environment-friendly. So it is highly favored ev …

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  • Precautions for using electric vehiclesPrecautions for using electric vehicles

    1、The charging time of electric vehicle should not be too long. Overcharging will keep the battery at a high temperature for too long. High temperature will shorten the life of battery. Many people have a misunderstanding that the charger is intellig …

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