Analysis on Fault of External Electric Bike Parts

  The dash board is the display electric bike parts, now the instrument in use is divided into led display and pointer display.

  In the design of led instruments, it is very possible to concentrate some auxiliary functions (such as under voltage indication, caller ID, cruise etc.) on the display board, so we must understand the various functions of the circuit board and carry out maintenance.

  The instrument can be divided into brushless mode and brushless mode according to the speed table, positive pole control and negative pole control according to the control polarity.

  The speed line voltage of brushing varies from large to small. Both brushes and brushes can achieve the desired results, but the life of brushed b connections will be longer.

  Because the current consumption of the ammeter is above 15ma and the voltage drop of the r1 potentiometer is about 45v, the power consumption of the potentiometer is about 0.7w, which is short for the worse potentiometer.