How to Analyze the Fault of Electric Bike Controller

By measuring the supply voltage or signal voltage of the connecting parts or leads of the controller, we can analyze and determine the fault of the controller.

Referring to the main phase check measurement diagram of the brushless controller, a multimeter DC voltage of 50v is used to detect the relationship between the gate voltage of six mos tubes, fat tire electric bike and the rotation angle of the turnstile.

If there is no correspondence, there is a failure in the pwm circuit or the mos drive circuit in the controller. Refer to the main phase check of the brushless controller.

The failure of a flying car is usually caused by the breakdown of the mos tube. In order to judge the quality of mos tube, two pins of mos tube can be measured by diode gear of multimeter, and there should be no short circuit phenomenon. If the mos tube is damaged, the failure can be eliminated by replacing the same type of device.