Another Main Factor Causing the Frequent Traffic Accidents of Electric Vehicles is the Quality of Products

First of all, the manufacturer is driven by profit, the quality of electric bicycle is difficult to guarantee. Driven by rich profits and fierce market competition, the manufacturer pursues production quantity and sales value one-sidedly, neglects the quality, safety and stability of the product, and constantly improves the product’s load, driving speed, storage time and so on.


In addition, according to statistics, about 30% of domestic electric vehicles are assembled, and about 40% electric vehicle enterprises sign up for production, so the product quality of the whole industry is difficult to guarantee.


Secondly, the seller spare no effort to cater to the consumer psychology, help the owner to remove the speed limit safety device, and increase the power of the vehicle, and remove the pedals. After the change of business after the electric vehicle, the speed can reach 50 kilometers per hour, while meeting consumers, increased safety risks.


The low entry threshold of drivers is another reason for the high accident rate of electric vehicles.