Attention Should be Paid to Maintenance of Electric Bike Battery in Winter

According to industry sources, when the temperature is too low to minimize the use of electric vehicles, and should be charged in time.


If a user is not ready to use an electric battery in the winter, the battery should not be recharged until the following year, but should be recharged every other month to ensure the battery’s storage capacity. At the same time avoid acid overflow damage battery remember six words-charge frequently, more power.


Charge every time you go home, no matter how long you use it (only a few kilometers, of course, to keep the battery fully charged. Compared with summer, the battery will be less active in winter. The speed and mileage of the car will decrease. It is best to use full pedaling power.


Electric vehicles have three power display lights. When the green light is on, the electricity is more than 70%; when the yellow light is on, the electricity is more than 50%; when the red light is on, the electricity is less than 300.You can also ride 3 to 5 kilometers.


The battery should be filled and reused every time it is charged. If the battery is not filled once in a while, but often not filled, the battery will produce a kind of “memory”, which will affect its continued mileage, and it will also lose the battery life. Plug the battery first and plug in the plug again. For the first time, it is best to charge the new electric car for 12 hours. However, it is best to charge for no more than 12 hours at a time.


After charging, first unplug the plug, then unplug the battery. After six months, it is best to do battery maintenance at the maintenance point.