Belt and Tread are Necessary Electric Bike Wheel Kit

  Band layer: the cord or rubber layer between the tread and the carcass of a skewed tire, not extending to the intermediate layer of the bead. Used to buffer the external impact force, protect the carcass, and improve the adhesion between the tread and the ply.

  The cushioning layer of radial tire is generally called band layer because of its different function. Under the tread base of radial tire, the material layer of the fetal body in the circumferential direction of the center line of no crown.

  Tread: the rubber layer on which the outer tire is most in contact with the road. The tread is used to prevent the mechanical damage and early wear of the tread, transfer the traction and braking force of the vehicle to the road surface, increase the grip of the outer tire and the road surface (soil), and absorb the vibration of the tire in operation.