The Birth and Development of Electric Bicycle in China

Looking back on the birth and development history of electric bicycle in China, it was born in 1985 and began to develop rapidly in 2003. After nearly five years of increasing speed, the industrial scale and production and sales volume have kept increasing by more than 50% every year. Especially in 2005 / 06, the development of electric bicycle industry has entered the blowout period. By end of 2006, the number of electric vehicles in China has reached 56 million. The whole electric bicycle industry is very optimistic about the prospects of this year’s development.


But just as the entire industry of people with lofty ideals on the industry development, self-confidence is full of time, after the opening of the market in 2007 China’s electric bicycle market into a slow stage of development, to the entire industry greatly disappointed.


In 21th century, the development of “the times call for green environmental protection” era, not only requires people to pay attention to energy conservation, more important is to require people to pay more attention to living environment and green environmental protection. In order to realize the sustainable development of society.


China is poor in petroleum resources, and the emission pollution of fuel and tail gas is the main pollution source of air pollution in large and medium cities in the future. Therefore, the development of electric bicycles in China is undoubtedly the inevitable trend of future development, and is also in line with the requirements of green environmental protection.


How to provide a good ecological environment for the living environment and physical and mental health of the general public. The development of electric bicycle industry adapts to this trend and is a tool of social sustainable development.