How to Charge and Discharge Electric Bike Battery Correctly?

The correct use method can prolong the battery life of best electric bike 2013 to a certain extent. This is a simple introduction to the correct use of the method.


The battery life is determined by the number of charge / discharge cycles, and the longer the charge / discharge cycle is, the faster the lifetime is reduced. So, instead of just riding an electric car, charge it at 60-70% of the battery’s maximum mileage.


Many electric vehicle users think the longer the charging time, the more battery power. This is very wrong. The charging time is usually extended by less than one hour after the charger changes the lamp. Long-time overcharging can easily lead to battery deformation and water loss, which directly endangers battery life.


Many electric car users come home from work to recharge, the next day when the power cut off, in fact, most of the charger cannot guarantee that the battery is full of automatic power outage. The best thing to do is to buy smart sockets and set the time when you charge them, so you can relax at night.