How to Charge Electric Bikes in Different Seasons

Electric bike don’t work for a long time, and if you don’t care for their batteries, when the weather gets warmer and you want to ride out, you’ll probably have to pay for a new battery.

The core lightweight electric bike kit of electric vehicle is battery. According to the introduction, the battery of electric bike is generally lead-acid battery, and its service life is limited, but using the correct way to maintain battery can prolong the service life of electric bike effectively. If you don’t ride an electric bike for more than a month, you have to charge the battery. Otherwise, the battery is easily scrapped. After filling, you have to fill it for another 2 to 3 hours in winter and almost an hour in summer.

The charging time must be controlled well, the time is too long and the battery is easy to fill, heat and reduce the performance, and the short time may cause the battery to be filled with discontent.

When it’s cold, it’s best to charge the electric bike indoors. Besides battery maintenance, we should pay attention to waterproofing when cleaning electric bike, avoid washing the car body directly with water, the coil in the car is easy to short-circuit burn after soaking water.

In daily riding electric bike, if you encounter steep slopes, headwinds or overweight, it is best to help first, then start the power supply, so it is not easy to damage the battery. In addition, during cycling, it is best to turn off the power immediately when the indicator light shows a lack of power. If you continue to force acceleration, the in-car controller will be damaged.

In a word, we should pay attention to the maintenance of electric bike battery, only by protecting the battery correctly, can we effectively prolong the service life of electric vehicle.