Cheap and Functional Electric Bike Conversion Kit

There are many cheap and functional electric bike conversion kit, as follows:

Electric bike windproof

Before the windbreak, many electric bike owners basically rely on anti-clothing to protect against the cold of the wind. The reverse approach can only provide the slightest protection, but also brings a significant increase in the dangers of riding, not good for electric bike owners.

The appearance of wind-proof quilt ends with a way to keep clothes warm. Wind-proof features make autumn and winter travel more comfortable. After all, it’s important to ride electric bike against the cold, allowing car owners to have fewer cold and fever epidemics in the fall and winter.

Electric bike raincoat

Because it is an outdoor riding tool, electric bike owners are greatly affected by the weather, especially in rainy days, electric bike travel easily restricted. Of course, a better set of rain prevention tools can be a good solution to the rain caused by travel problems.

Electric bike positioning tracker

Many intelligent electric bike in the market actually built in GPSs, of course, with the help of mobile phone app to achieve intelligent, practical or not need to be tested and recognized by consumers. Now the recommended electric bike location tracker is mainly aimed at the market there is no smart hardware model of electric bike.

A practical electric bike location tracker, can reduce electric bike owners stolen and difficult to recover the loss. In the city, install an electronic tracker for your car, which can be easily recovered when thieves are looking at your electric bike.

Electric bike helmet

Helmet protection is self-evident, the main purpose is to protect the head of the user in the event of impact. Helmet can be divided into winter helmet and summer helmet. With the enhancement of consumer safety consciousness, higher requirements for helmet functionality are put forward.

Many helmets now provide ancillary amenities, such as vent equipment, facial shields, ear protectors, intercom devices, and so on. Nowadays, many consumers have the habit of not wearing helmets when riding electric bike, but this is not a correct understanding of the damage caused by traffic accidents. Wearing helmets correctly and complying with traffic regulations can make travel safer and more secure.