Choose a Good Parking Place and a Safe Way to Park

Generally speaking, the majority of stolen electric bike occur in the state of parking. Choosing a good parking place and safe parking method is an important means to prevent electric vehicles from being stolen. Here are some suggestions for users.


1, do not use electric bike temporarily, need to park for a period of time: never too much trouble, electric car had better park into a small house, car shed or someone to watch the parking point.


When parking, lock all the parts that can be locked, for example: lock the car, lock the car with other fixtures, and lock the small house, and so on. Multiple locking will greatly increase the time and difficulty of the thief’s crime. In the meantime, any stir in the wind could force the thief to give up the crime.


2, temporary parking of electric bike, please park in their own or passers-by, nearby businesses are easy to see, this will increase a certain psychological burden on thieves, remote places are the most vulnerable to theft. When you park an electric car, check if there is a camera nearby and, if so, place the car in the camera range.


In general, the video surveillance system can record the captured images for at least seven days. No thief is willing to keep his appearance there, even if it is stolen, report the case to the police and inform the public security officer of the location of the camera. It will add clues and evidence to the recovery of stolen vehicles.