Classification of Electric Bicycles

According to the product classification of e-bike industry, can be divided into two categories, namely: four-wheel e-bike and two-wheel electric vehicle. Analyzing from the target market of e-bike, the target market of four-wheel e-bike is: railway station, warehouse, real estate clubhouse, tourist spot, hospital, post office, park, sports place, large-scale factory, large-scale shopping mall, and airport. Piers and stores, etc.


The target market of two-wheeled e-bike is mainly personal transportation. According to the development situation of e-bike industry in China, with the breakthrough of the core technology of e-bike, our country has gradually developed from e-bike to replace fuel car, and has developed different electric cars. Electric buses, electric vans, electric trucks and so on have been put into the market step by step. Therefore, the development of e-bike industry will eventually contribute to the purification of human living environment.


At the same time, e-bike industry will be a real sunrise industry, with broad market potential and development space.