What are Consumers’ Biggest Concerns about Batteries?

Is the battery safe?


Leakage, spontaneous combustion, explosion, safety problems become the biggest hidden danger of electric bicycle battery. To this end, the national new energy vehicle demonstration “security mandate”, strengthen the monitoring of the working state of power batteries and fuel cells.


Manufacturers have also been strengthening their research on battery safety of pure electric bicycle, which indicates that the safety of new energy bicycles has gradually been on the right track.


How does the charge time affect the battery?


Pure electric bicycle charging mode is generally fast charge, slow charge. Fast charging through the non-vehicle-mounted charger using a large current to directly charge the battery, half an hour can be filled with battery capacity of 80%; slow charge refers to AC charging, charging process takes 6 hours-8 hours.


What’s wrong with the battery?


This is a potential safety hazard in the battery, reserved part of the battery to prevent overcharge and excessive discharge. For example, the original battery capacity is 100, but the real can be used about 80% to 90%, the value of the redundant power is the owner can really use the electricity.


Because in the charging process, the battery cannot be filled too full, cannot put too much power. If the battery is full every time, it will greatly reduce its service life. If the charging system fails, it may cause a safety accident due to overcharging.