Consumers Should be Fully Aware of the Proper Use of Batteries

Some consumers use battery methods improperly. One is to charge for a long time. The longer the charge is, the more adequate the battery is. Second, long time power loss, until the running cannot be charged. The third is charging under the condition that the temperature is too high or too low. Fourth, do not pay attention to regular battery of best all terrain electric bike inspection, maintenance.


Some users recharge their batteries until they are not moving, thus seriously harming battery performance. Multiple deep discharges can greatly shorten the battery life. If there is insufficient power in the way, it is best to push ahead to avoid deep discharge.


During charging, the battery itself will produce a small amount of heat. Charging at a high temperature will increase the temperature of the bottle and damage the performance of the battery.


The temperature is too low, the capacity of the battery is poor, the activity is weakened, the battery quantity is insufficient, the charge and discharge times are increased, and the battery life is shortened.