Control of Electricity Consumption in Electrical Appliances

The switch control circuit is not the main circuit of the main circuit of the brushless motor in many markets at present.


The advantages of this structure are that the load of the lock can be reduced, the cost of lightweight electric bike 2017 can be reduced, and the high current passing through the lock can be avoided, the electricity consumption and heating of the lock can be reduced, and the service life of the lock can be prolonged.


But its drawback is: the use of the lock, easy to lead to the battery over discharge. Judging from the actual situation in the market, after the lock is closed, the power consumption of the controller is generally around 15-25ma, and the smallest one is 5mA. The largest self-consuming current, especially the vehicle with burglar alarm device, is about 150mA.


Take the current consumption of 100ma as an example, the 20ah battery can only last about 12 days and nights. A long period of continuous power consumption has led many vehicles to wait at dealers for sale and find that the battery has run out of power, and some even have a single 12v battery voltage of only 5 V or 6 v, causing over discharge. And dealers or users mistakenly believe that batteries do not store electricity.


An effective solution is to unplug the power connection between the power box and the vehicle while storing the vehicle, or to recharge it in time.