The Controller of Folding Electric Bike

There are 2 lines ( mechanical switch ) , 3 lines of ( Hall switch ) , 2 – wire mechanical switch only on and off states , and the Hall brake of the 3 line judges the power supply first , and then judges the signal . In general, there are 2 kinds of normally high and often low, and when the normal high brake motion, the signal is opposite to the ground and the normally low brake.


Speed line, brake lamp line, under voltage line, power line of best folding electric bike are generally measured when the corresponding action to the ground voltage measurement.


Generally, the damage of the controller is that the motor does not rotate, the rotational noise is large, the time is positive and the time is reversed, the temperature of the controller rises quickly, the motor is powerless, and so on, for the controller. Motor failure may be caused by the disturbance of the brake power cut signal or the reset of the single chip microcomputer, and the rotational noise may be a problem with the continuation of the cmos tube or the wrong phase.


When the controller does not turn, it may be that the contact of the power supply is bad, the positive time reversal may be the virtual welding of the control pin in the controller, and the fast temperature rise of the controller may be the increase of the current consumed by the controller itself. General consumption of current in 30-40 Ma, or is a problem with the operation of the cmos transistor; Motor weakness may be due to poor welding of overcurrent copper wire, resulting in failure to pass through large current.