Correct Charging Method of DIY Fast Electric Bike

We should change the green light and then charge for 2-3 hours when we charge the diy fast electric bike.


The principle is shallow discharge (electric) charge. That is to say, every time we ride a bike after 50% charge, do not charge too often, otherwise it is easy to shorten the battery life;


Don’t ride for a long time. Charge it regularly (1 month).


Long term shallow discharge battery, about 3 months for a deep discharge, is called light release and recharge. This is conducive to the battery deep long-term fixed material activation. Light release means that we should use diy fast electric bike. To the controller battery under-voltage protection operation until;


When charging, keep the charger well ventilated. If you smell strange smell during charging or the charger shell temperature is too high, please immediately stop charging, check, handle.