How to Correctly Master Charging Time?

Batteries look rather delicate, but it’s important to maintain motors and batteries if you want to extend the life of pure electric bikes.


According to the actual situation to grasp the charging time and frequency, reference peacetime frequency and mileage. When running normally, if the meter indicates red and yellow lights, it should be charged. If only the red light is on, stop running and charge as soon as possible. Otherwise, excessive discharge of battery will shorten its life.


After charging, the running time is short and the charging time should not be too long. Otherwise, overcharge will be formed and the battery will be heated. Overcharging, over discharge and undercharge all shorten the battery life.


How to pay attention to the battery life extension?


The current chargers are basically not designed to withstand high vibration, so try to avoid the chargers bumpy vibration. After the charger vibrates, the internal potentiometer will drift, causing the whole parameter drift, leading to abnormal charging state. Keep the charger ventilated when charging, otherwise heat drift may affect the charging state.