Development of Charging Station for Electric Bicycle in China

Up to this date, the number of electric bicycle charging piles built in China has reached 26,000. But in terms of numbers, it’s a lot, but according to a number of Chinese media surveys, the proportion of charging piles in use is very low.


In addition, the standard of DC charging interface and communication protocol has not yet been unified in various parts of China. Despite the announcement that local protectionism on electric bicycle has been scrapped, in practice it still exists.


As the construction of charging piles accelerates, the future investment of charging equipment will exceed 85 billion yuan. Beijing will build a charging ring with an average service radius of 5 kilometers in the central urban area, and gradually build a network service system for charging facilities in public areas. Different from the self-use charging pile, the common charging pile mainly adopts DC fast charging mode, and can support the ordinary new energy vehicle 100 kilometers after half an hour charging.


In 2015, the layout of charging piles will exceed 6000. In addition, in order to further protect the use of new energy bicycles, Shanghai will give priority to the construction of a public rapid charging network in central urban areas and demonstration areas. A car can charge up to 80% of electricity in 20 minutes.


In 2015, 66 power stations will be filled with 6,700 charging piles. Among them, public transport, rental, postal, express delivery, sanitation and other fields will give priority to users of the existing site, inadequate part of the unified planning by the city.