The Development Stage of Electric Bike Industry

In 2017, China produced 794,000 best electric bike and sold 777,000, accounting for 2.7 percent of the total vehicle output, ranking first in the world for the third year in a row.

The technical level has improved significantly, and the mainstay mileage of the mainstream passenger cars has reached more than 300 kilometers, keeping pace with the international advanced level. Although the industrial technology is breaking through and the user market has been developing rapidly, China’s best electric bike industry has also exposed a series of problems, such as excessive reliance on policy support, questioning of power battery technology and difficulty in charging.

From the point of view of China’s industrial development, with the continuous improvement of best electric bike penetration and possession, the industrial development has entered a new stage, but some of the development is not balanced. The problem of inadequacy has also gradually become apparent: first, the charging infrastructure is still a short board for development.

Second, the policy system still needs to be improved; third, the core technology still needs further breakthrough; fourth, the service system of post-market circulation needs to be improved.

At the moment, major developed countries are pushing hard to transform the auto industry, with the world’s leading auto companies and influential Internet technology companies joining the competition in the field of best electric bike.