Development status and Planning of motorized bicycle charging Station

United States charging station development plan: Two years double tenfold, the development speed is quite fast, if is merely quantity, also is not surprising. Chargpoint, for example, is not just a simple charging network, it can also provide a lot of cloud services to electric car owners, dealers and manufacturers.


For example, an motorized bicycle can download the app from the charging service on its mobile phone to find the nearest free charging pile, and can navigate directly to the location of the charging pile.


Development planning of charging stations in China: In 2011, China’s power grid proposed that “the power exchange should be given priority to, supplemented by plugging charge, centralized charging, and unified distribution”, which was based on the consideration of the situation at that time.


Now, Tesla 18650 battery and other successful applications, make it possible to quickly charge, the level of Chinese manufacturers is also constantly improving, 14-year network has changed, “leading fast charge, taking into account slow charge.” Guide electricity exchange, economic and practical thinking, and introduce social funds and power to participate in the construction of charging facilities.