What is the Effect of the Mismatch Between Battery Capacity and Motor Power?

This phenomenon often occurs on best crank drive electric bike. The luxury electric bicycle on the market is popular with consumers because of its new style, luxury and generous style. However, most of the luxury electric bikes have a driving power of more than 300w, or even 350-360w.


Many electric bicycle manufacturers and dealers pursue profits in order to reduce costs. The actual capacity of the battery is not match with the motor power, most of them are 10Ah.


According to the driving power of 350 w, the average driving current is 350 w / 48 V / L 7.3a, while the actual new 10ah battery discharges at 7.0a, the duration is only 90-95 minutes. The discharge time of 6-dzm-12 battery is about 7.0a, and the discharge time is about 110-115 minutes. If the battery is equipped with 6 dzm / 12 battery, it can barely cope with it.


This phenomenon makes the battery capacity decay faster and the vehicles continued mileage drops obviously, which leads to poor user experience and affects the reputation of the industry. Therefore, once the configuration of the vehicle is determined, it is necessary to select a battery of appropriate specifications.


For example, an electric bicycle with a driving power of 300-350 w with a capacity of 48 v / 14 ah or more is necessary. The scientific approach is to ensure that a new battery can run for at least two hours at a time.