Effect of Too Tight Brake on Electric Bicycle

This phenomenon usually occurs in electric vehicles with large capacity batteries.


With large capacity batteries, natural best ladies electric bike 2017 themselves have to get heavier. Therefore, in order to ensure the reliable brake safety while the vehicle is running, the brake is calibrated tightly, which results in the large current and the increase of the power consumption when the vehicle is idle without load.


Taking an electric bicycle with a 48v350w motor as an example, the normal idling current is generally within the range of 1.0 ±0.1a. But at present, the maximum no-load current we have measured in the market is 1.5A or even close to 2.0A, which leads to the increase of the battery load and the lower mileage of the electric bicycle.


An effective solution is to check the no-load current after assembly and adjust the brake to the appropriate position. In the daily use of electric vehicles, it is best to do a brake correction every half a month.