Electric Bicycle Motor Maintenance Course

In all normal conditions of engine, the engine or battery failure will make it difficult to start, or even unable to start. In this case, first of all, to understand the use of starter and battery, in order to roughly determine the fault location.


If the battery has been used for more than one year, the technical condition should be checked. If the battery life is short and the startup machine has not been overhauled for a long time, it should be checked from the startup machine.


Then, according to the fault phenomenon at startup, we analyze and deal with:


Starting only heard the starter electromagnetic switch “cluck” sound, or the first start of the machine to drive the crankshaft a few times, and then start the electromagnetic switch “cluck” sound. But the crankshaft does not rotate. This phenomenon generally belongs to battery “broken grid” fault.


Temporary stop can start every time, but longer stop time or start the next day can only make the crankshaft turn. This phenomenon belongs to the battery self-discharge seriously, its plate, the partition board is seriously aging, indicating that the battery is close to scrapping.


There are two reasons for the idling sound of the starting gear and the engine flywheel gear ring: one is the deformation of the gear ring meshing and the other is that the gap between the starting gear drive gear and the flywheel ring is too large.