Electric Bike Back Wheel is Important Parts

  Electric motors, batteries, controllers, frames, chargers and so on are important, but one more important thing is electric bike back wheel.

  How beautiful the electric car appearance design, the entire electric system can be called perfect, impeccable, but only for the quality of the electric bike back wheel serious, the result of the electric car on the road tire burst forced to stop on the road. This electric car can become a liability, can’t push, and can’t move, it’s very troublesome.

  Therefore, good tires have become an important component of electric vehicles. As dealers, you must pay attention to two major indicators when you purchase electric bike back wheel.

  One is to withstand the frequency of 35,000 uses. This for inflatable electric bike back wheel, such a high frequency of use, a strict test of the quality of the tire. If the rubber additive is not well formulated, or too much waste tire, then the tire cannot withstand the use of 35,000 times. Therefore, the manufacture electric vehicle tire, appears to be very simple, actually has the knowledge.

  The second point is to withstand the test of more than 3000 hours of time. If the electric car runs for 3000 hours, 125 days, but two hours a day, it is more than four years of life.

  The roads are filled with pebbles or sharp objects. In fact, there is a strong correlation between the service life of a tire and its environment: when the temperature is right and the road is flat, the tyre must have a higher service life than the temperature.