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  • What are the advantages of E-bike?

    What are the advantages of E-bikes? It seems we’re surrounded by electric bikes. Why are electric bikes so popular? What are the advantages of E-bike? Let me share with you. 1.Move freely, ride easily Same as non-electric bicycles, they are abl …

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  • Precautions for using electric vehiclesPrecautions for using electric vehicles

    1、The charging time of electric vehicle should not be too long. Overcharging will keep the battery at a high temperature for too long. High temperature will shorten the life of battery. Many people have a misunderstanding that the charger is intellig …

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    History of the Electric Bike

    In 1834, the German invented a simple motor; In 1859, the French invented the lead-acid battery; In 1870, Belgium invented the DC generator; Finally in 1881, the French combined the DC motor and lead-acid battery and made the world’s first elec …

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  • Tips to check and maintain mechanical failure of electric bike

    What should we do if our electrical bicycle can’t be charged? First, turn on the electric lock, then check whether the charging port have voltage. If it doesn’t have, the battery may probably has something wrong. The internal non-recoverable failure …

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  • How Are Electric Bicycles Classified in Europe and America?

    We know that the classifications and laws of electric bicycles vary from place to place, which may make many electric bicycle manufacturers, suppliers and sellers with exporting demands confused in standards. People in global advocate a healthy life …

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  • How About Buying a Pedal Assist Electric Bike of Around 1500 USD?

    Electric bike or E-bike is the general call for all bikes with electrical power assistance. A special type of electric bicycles that must be pedaled is called Pedelec bike. Pedelec bike is driven by a hybrid of “manpower + electric power”, that is pe …

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  • When charging, the power indicator light is on, the charge indicator light is orange

      First check the charger output plug and battery box charging plug is not plugged in. If there is no problem, check if the fuse on the battery box is open or loose contact with the fuse holder. In addition, some models will be able to charge after t …

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  • The Development Speed of Electric Bike in China

      Through the development of three different periods, the pace of China’s electric bike development has not stopped, and with the speed of consumer demand, the market demand expansion. The development of the industry in recent years has maintai …

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