The Following Four Parts Should Be Noted When Purchasing an Electric Bike



The battery of best all terrain electric bike mainly has silver glue, lead acid, lithium, nickel hydrogen and so on kind. The capacity and life of the battery determine the cost of riding in the later stages of the electric bike. Battery two parameters, output voltage v to select the standard 12 volts, capacity ah the larger the better.




The motor is mainly divided into brushless motor and brushless motor. The brushless motor is technically superior to the brushless motor and reduces the unreliability of the motor wear. Driving almost no noise, life span of more than 10 years.


Of course, the brushless motor itself is more expensive and the controller is more complex. Because the power of the motor is directly related to the climbing ability of the electric vehicle, the high power motor should be chosen as far as possible.




Many domestic manufacturers use simple charger, which is easy to charge, but it is easy to cause battery damage due to insufficient or excessive charging. The strength of the charger manufacturer’s products, generally into the brand-name battery and vehicle factory matching.


Because the famous car factory has very strict testing equipment and means, in order to pursue the famous brand effect, most of them will buy quality accessories.




In addition to batteries, motors, chargers, electric bike controllers are also important. Under the same conditions: workshop controller is inferior to large company products; manual welding is not as good as wave soldering; fine appearance, thick wire, radiator heavy controller is better.