Importance of Electric Bike Wheel Surface Pattern

  The part of the tread in which the electric bike wheel is in direct contact with the road during normal driving is called the driving surface.

  The surface of the driving surface is composed of different shapes of groove, and the protruding part is a pattern block. The surface of the tread can increase the grip of the outer wheel and the road surface (soil) and ensure the necessary side slip resistance of the vehicle.

  The outer layer of the wheel side cord, used to protect the carcass and elastic. The bead is the part of the tire mounted on the rim, which is composed of the bead core and the bead cloth and acts as a fixed tire. The specifications of the tire are expressed in terms of the outer diameter d of the outer tire, the inner diameter of the bead or the diameter of the rim, the cross section width b and the flat ratio (the tire section is high hh / the tire section width b) and so on. The unit is generally 2. 54 cm-1.

  Heel: the part of the outer part of the bead that is rounded to the rim seat. Bead core: part of the bead made of steel rings, triangulated rubber strips, and bead cored cloth. Wire ring: a rigid ring with copper-plated steel wires, which is the main part of fixing the tire to the rim. Assembly line: a single or multi-ring rubber edge molded at the junction of the bead and the bead, usually used to indicate that the tire is properly fitted to the rim.