Key Components of Electric Bike Wheel Front

  Electric bike front wheel is usually made up of three parts: outer tire, inner tire and cushion belt.

  There is also no need for inner tube, the inner layer of its body has good air-tight rubber layer, and need to be equipped with special rim. The structure of tires all over the world develops towards the direction of tubeless, meridian structure, flat (the ratio of height to width of tire section is small) and lightweight.

  The outer fetus is composed of the fetal body, the buffer layer (or band bundles), the tread, the side of the tire and the bead. The cross section of the outer electric bike front wheel can be divided into several separate regions: the coronal area, the fetal shoulder area (the Clivus of the tread surface, the flexural area (lateral area of the tire), the strengthening area and the circle area.

  Fetal body: also known as the fetal body. The force structure of an inflatable tire consisting of one or more layers of cord and bead.

  Cord layer: it is the fabric layer in the tire which is composed of the parallel hanging cord, which is the force skeleton layer of the tire to ensure the necessary strength and dimensional stability of the tire.

  Bead: the part of a wheel mounted on a rim, consisting of a bead core, a cord lining and a bead. It can withstand the tensile force caused by internal pressure and overcome the lateral force of the tire in the turning so that the outer tire does not break out of the rim. Therefore it must have very high strength, the structure should be tight and strong, not easy to deform.