How Long is the Battery Life of an E-Bike?

Although e-bikes are now cheaper to charge than traditional fuel vehicles. However, since the e-bikes itself is sold at a high price, and the battery life is relatively short, the replacement battery will also be a huge expense, so the cost obstacle “battery maintenance and maintenance” has become a “stop tiger “for the popularization of e-bikes now.


For an e-bikes, the more natural the battery mileage is, the more convenient it is, and the larger the battery mileage means the lower the frequency of charging. However, the life of an e-bikes depends on the motor.


The cost of driving motor is very different, if the DC brush-motor is used, the on-board power can be supplied directly to the motor.


Battery life has “dry storage life” and “wet storage life.” These two concepts are only for the size of the battery self-discharge, not the actual life of the battery. The real life of a battery is the length of time it actually lasts.


For a battery, the life of a battery is the working time that characterizing the rated capacity (related to the size of the discharge ratio).


For secondary battery, battery life can be divided into charge / discharge cycle life and wet shelving life.