How Long is the Battery Life of an Electric Bike?

Charge / discharge cycle life is an important parameter to measure the performance of secondary battery of electric bike. To undergo a charge and discharge is called a cycle (or a cycle). Under a certain charge / discharge system, the battery can withstand the charge and discharge times, which is called the charge / discharge cycle life of the secondary battery, before the capacity of the battery drops to a certain specified value.


The longer the cycle life of charge and discharge, the better the performance of the battery. In the commonly used two batteries, the charge and discharge cycle life of Ni Cd battery is 500~800 times, the lead-acid battery is 200~500 times, the lithium ion battery 600~1000 times, the zinc silver battery is very short, about 100 times.


The cycle life of secondary battery is related to discharge depth, temperature, charge-discharge system and so on. The so-called “discharge depth” means the capacity of the battery to account for the percentage of the rated capacity. By reducing the discharge depth (i.e. “shallow discharge”), the recharge and discharge cycle life of secondary battery can be greatly prolonged.