How Long Will the Battery of the New Electric Bicycle Be Recharged?

Switch on and off: in order to ensure safety, the best electric bike 2016 switch on the train, stop or implement should be closed in time, in case of inadvertent rotation speed control switch, causing sudden start and accident of the vehicle.


Do not use the brake handle and speed control switch at the same time in the cycling, because the brake handle is a brake component, it has the function of power cut, so that the motor stops working. The switch is to turn on the motor to continue running, so that the motor in operation but the car cannot move, will cause overload and damage.


Don’t drive while driving, ride an umbrella, wear a raincoat, and don’t let it float so that it won’t catch you or block your view. Up and down steps should be carried out to avoid falling and damage machine parts.


It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the depth of water exceeds the center line of the hub motor. (take the 16 “car with the smallest wheel diameter as an example, about 200 mm or less, in addition, the controller is generally installed in the lowest position of the frame.” Also easy to water and damage.


Batteries should be recharged in time after the day’s ride. Most of the batteries on electric bikes today are lead-acid batteries, with no memory effect. The maximum capacity of the battery can be maintained with charge, so as to avoid deep discharge during use, thus prolonging the battery life. When parking choose to shade the rain, do not in the hot sun exposure, do not rain in the rain, and make the electrical water moisture.