The Longer the Battery Life, the Better the Performance

Battery life of electric bicycle is also one of the important parameters to measure the performance of secondary battery. It refers to the time when the battery begins to charge and discharge cycle after adding electrolyte to the end of charge and discharge cycle life (including the time when the battery is in discharge state during charge / discharge cycle).


The longer the battery life, the better the battery performance. Among the commonly used batteries, cadmium and nickel batteries have a life of 2 ~ 3 years in wet use, lead acid batteries in 3 ~ 5 years, lithium-ion batteries in 5 ~ 8 years, and zinc and silver batteries with the shortest life of about 1 year.


In addition, battery performance also: low temperature performance, overcharge resistance, safety performance. In recent years, sales of new energy vehicles in China have exploded, and the number of power batteries that exceed the quality guarantee period has also shown a trend of growth.