Low Mileage of E-Bike Due to Charger Failure

E-bike r charger is a device to charge the battery. If the output voltage of the charger is too low, the battery charging will be incomplete, which will naturally affect the battery miles. The mileage of a typical e-bike is proportional to the time it takes to recharge, which means that the farther the electric vehicle rides, the longer the charger should be charged.


If the new battery is in use to less than 10:00 and the charging time stops in a very short period of time, in most cases the charger is malfunctioning. A professional store is required to test the charger.


Low mileage due to mechanical failures of e-bike


The main mechanical faults affecting the mileage of electric vehicles are brake, bearing and motor transmission system. Brake adjustment too tight, bearing damage will cause increased resistance during the cycle of e-bike. In addition, after the internal water rust, the motor efficiency will be reduced and friction resistance will be large.


The performance of these cases is that the e-bike obviously feels the resistance of the whole vehicle when it is assisted by foot. At this time, the parts that produce the resistance need to be overhauled or adjusted.