What are the Main Points of Electric Bike Charging Station Construction?

Motorized bikes charging stations are similar to car gas stations and are power-on equipment. Electric car charging station is a kind of high efficiency charger. A charging station that recharges electric bike, and older vehicles.


The installation of charging stations should meet the requirements of urban master planning and road network planning. Site selection of charging Station should be combined with Regional Construction Planning and Road Network Planning. Based on the general layout planning of the network, the planning and location plan of the distribution network and its surrounding area are compared, and the site setting land is determined.


The current situation of transmission and distribution network in the region should be fully taken into account in the installation of charging stations. The charging station of electric bike needs high power supply support when it is in operation. When planning the layout of charging station, it should be coordinated with the power supply department to bring the construction plan of charging station into urban power network planning.