Maintenance of 750 Watt Electric Bike Controller

  Controller of 750 watt electric bike is one of the most concerned components in maintenance, and the damage of controller is also common. General controller lead contains several items: power line, motor line, brushless generally have five-core Hall wire, turnstile wire, speed line, brake lamp line, under voltage line, power line, etc.

  From the appearance, the wire diameter is relatively thick (1.5mm above), which is the power supply line and the motor line. The five core binding is generally the motor Holzer signal line, and the transfer brake line is generally three cores, 2 cores or four cores, 1 plug-ins. The speed line, the brake light line and the under voltage line are generally single core lines.

  Of course, the function cannot be determined by the plug-in or wire diameter alone, from the electrical point of view can be judged as follows: the power line is coarse, generally red line and black line, red and power source positive through or through the switch and power supply is connected. The negative electrode of the battery with the black line, the red and the power supply positive pole will have the weak current switch line, this line provides the power supply which the controller internal work, and is generally connected with the high power resistance.

  The switch is 3, after the controller power supply, you can measure the voltage of the three lines on the ground (power black line), generally the highest voltage for the transfer of the power supply, the transfer of the ground wire and the power supply black line. The rest is the signal line. If you want to verify that the judgment is correct, just turn around and change the voltage of the detection signal to 0.8-4.2v / 5v).