Matters Needing Attention in Repairing Electric Bike Motor

  The load current of the 250 watt electric bike motor mainly reflects the actual running efficiency of the motor. If the load current increases, but the actual torque is small, the motor efficiency is very low, it is necessary to check the magnetic energy product of the magnetic steel. In addition, the soldering firm inside the coil should also be paid attention to.

  If brushed motor, need to check whether the commutator has a short circuit phenomenon. Hall switch type is commonly used in brushless motor. It is mainly used to check whether the change of Hall signal is correct or not in on-line detection. Generally, the change of high and low voltage is in turn, and the number of changes is half of the number of magnetic steel.

  If you carefully look at the changes in the line voltage, it can be found that it is a regular repeat of six cycles, for the 120-degree motor change should be 100,110,010,011,001,101. For 60 degrees of motor change should be 100 110U 111U 011001kW.

  In addition, we should pay attention to Hall’s model when repairing brushless motor, wear anti-static gloves or wrist when welding, soldering iron is best offline welding, and pay attention to the front and back of Hall.

  When repairing brush motor to install carbon brush, put the carbon brush into brush grip, tighten the soft copper lead wire of carbon brush and fix it in lead slot, relax the carbon brush and check the flexibility of carbon brush after the inner stator is completely put in the external transmitter.