The Methods for Fault Diagnosis of Electric Bike are as Follows

Whether the braking function of Electric bike is effective or not

Electric bike brake power failure is not dispensable, but must be effective, this cannot be careless.

It is understandable that users do not understand the relationship between the power failure of electric bike and the short distance of the china electric bike, and we, as professionals, cannot understand the relationship correctly and blindly follow the user’s “feelings”. Is irresponsible to the user.

Brake maladjustment of electric bike

The reasons of the motor bearing loose and so on make the mechanical resistance increase, which makes the electric car continue to run kilometers short and frost.

Efficiency decline of Electric bike Motor

The main reason of motor efficiency decline is the long time high current output of electric vehicle motor, overheating of motor and severe mechanical vibration, which result in demagnetization of magnetic steel.