The Methods for Fault Diagnosis of Electric Bike are as Follows

The first step is to test the batteries of china electric bike. Electric car battery is the chief culprit for the continuation of the kilometer.

The main reasons for the short run of electric bike are the serious vulcanization and loss of water, the short circuit and open circuit of the electrode plate, the broken grid of the single cell and the poor consistency of the battery pack of the electric bike.

Through testing, if electric bike battery is no problem, should do other tests or find other reasons in turn.

Check whether the charging jack is loose.

The loosening of the charging Jack of electric bike makes the batteries of electric bike full and dissatisfied, not only causing the electric bike to continue running for a short distance, but also the biggest loss is that the batteries of electric bike run out of power for a long time and the users quietly do not know, which eventually leads to the early scrapping of the batteries of electric bike.

The anti-loosening of electric vehicle charging jack is an urgent problem to be solved by electric vehicle manufacturers and electric vehicle dealers. The remedy now is to check whether the charging jack is loose and tightened by the way that the battery box needs to be opened in the maintenance.