Some Misunderstandings of Buying Electric Bike

The electric bicycle does not have three packets stipulation, the electric bicycle is not the national compulsory three packets scope, at present the electric bicycle three packets are all voluntarily undertaken by the manufacturer, the three packets range has the electric machine 5 years, the battery, the controller one year each. There are generally three situations.

First, three packets according to sales invoice calculation, at present only a few brands use;

Second, three packets of time according to the product factory time calculation, at this time the majority of enterprises use the way;

Third, three-pack time according to the production time of three-pack components, this method is mainly used by some manual workshops.

Since generation, while riding charge, this is a manufacturer’s concept hype, no practical significance, in fact, often frequent battery charge will reduce the battery life. According to the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be generated for no reason, the principle of perpetual motion is always a human desire.

Don’t be fooled by the famous Chinese trademark / CCTV brand list. China’s real certification is only for china’s famous trademarks and Chinese famous brand products. China electric bike price is reasonable. If they do not really get these certifications, those brands will not dare to write them out.

Buy a car do not look at those complaints posted online, China has not yet a true sense of the brand, a brand of cars how, only represent the brand’s product pass rate. No matter how high the pass rate is, there will be complaints from all brands, and the more cars are sold, the more complaints will be posted.