The Planning Technical Aspect of E-Bike Charging Station Construction

Currently, it is generally the Energy Bureau and grid companies to do the planning. At present, the theory of charging station construction planning layout for e-bike application is not yet complete and mature.


The construction of charging stations in various places is still in the stage of fixed-point demonstration construction, which is not based on the theory of layout and location of charging stations combined with e-bike application, power network planning and urban planning. Moreover, the layout and planning of charging station are confronted with the contradiction between power supply capacity, service capacity and urban land use.


First, it must be capacity forecasting, counting the number of e-bike and forecasting them.


Secondly, the technical thinking of layout planning of charging station. E-bike charging station layout includes “demand” and “possibility” two factors.


The main index to measure the demand of charging station is traffic volume and service radius. The key to determine the possibility or not lies in the external environmental conditions, such as traffic, environmental protection and regional distribution capacity, as well as the construction planning and road network planning of the area.