How to Prevent Electric Bicycle From Being Stolen

At present, the modus operandi of car theft is divided into four types: electric tools, manual tools and techniques for opening locks, handling gangs, etc. The manual tools are mainly used in steel saw, forceps, word steel, cross steel, hammer and so on.


Electric tools generally use portable electric drill, electric cutting machine and other tools, technical locking and stealing car mainly to attack the lock core, using master key and steel wire tools; The caravan does not need to pry the lock on the spot, as long as there is an electric tricycle or a small freight car, two or three accomplices can remove the object at any time.


The above methods do not exceed 30 seconds in the day and 3 minutes in the evening.


Do not use the car lock, according to investigation, the gift locks are mostly inferior locks, a dozen Yuan, with a hammer in the lock card can be opened two times.


At the same time, they use two different kinds of locks: the main means of breaking locks and burglaries for electric car thieves are nothing more than forceps to cut anti-theft locks or pry locks. Generally, thieves will only bring a tool that is good at it, so they will install two different types of locks and other fat tire electric bike kit on the electric bike at the same time. It is an effective anti-theft measure.


Lock the electric bike with the ground lock as much as possible and lock the object together to prevent theft by the caravan.