How to Prevent the Theft of Electric Bike Effectively?

One, buy a good car lock, equipped with a high-quality qualified car lock, is to prevent the theft of the basic requirements of charger electric bike for sale. There are four main types of anti-theft lock: cable lock: relatively firm, easy to lock on fixed object. But relatively coarse, carrying inconvenience.


U-lock: lock head is large, lock body is fixed, more firm. But lock, unlocking is relatively inconvenient. Steel pipe lock: easy to use, low cost and high utilization ratio. Lock: derived from ordinary lock, it combines brake pad with anti-theft lock, realizes axle lock, anti-theft lock integration, has the characteristics of concealment, firm and high prying ability.


Lock the car battery manufacturers, according to statistics of the common market of more than 200, the purchase should pay attention to the following five aspects:


1,Choose and purchase the products produced by enterprises with high visibility, stable product quality and good after-sales service;


2,When buying and buying, pay attention to check the packaging of the products, whether the logo is complete, the contents of the instructions are complete, and whether the installation of the lock can be completed.


3,be careful to observe the appearance quality of the lockset, including whether the playing surface is uniform or not, whether there is rusting, dew or oxidation, etc.


4,Check the flexibility of the lock, whether the key can be inserted naturally, and whether the lock beam can be closed and opened naturally;


5,To check the weight of the lock, the material used is true.