The Pros and Cons of Electric Bike vs Motorized Bike

As a tool for convenient travel, electric bikes have increasingly occupied the market share, becoming the preferred vehicle for more and more people. In the face of many brands of electric bike and a wide variety of cars on the market, consumers will have a feeling of being helpless when they are buying a car.


Most people buy electric bike just for the convenience of life and work. So, when it comes to buying electric cars, there are some things you need to pay attention to. What should be paid to the details of the purchase of electric bikes?


Electric bikes, that is, electric drive cars, also known as electric drive. Electric bikes are divided into AC electric bikes and DC electric bikes. Generally speaking, the electric bike uses battery as the energy source, through controller, motor and other components, the electric energy is converted into mechanical energy motion to control the current size to change the speed of the vehicle. Do you know the difference between electric bike vs motorized bike?


Electric bike:


Advantages: environmental protection; slower speed; suitable for the elderly and women


Disadvantages: battery is not durable, easy to recover pollution; poor security; inconvenient for carrying people.


Motorized bike:


Advantages: high speed selectivity; high technical performance


Disadvantages: gasoline fuel is unfavorable to environmental protection; annual examination of driver’s license is cumbersome.


Generally speaking, each has advantages, the two who better judge on the basis of personal needs. If you are a woman, you need a light and light driving, a short journey, and not always carrying people, you can consider buying an electric bike. If you are a man or a long day, if you want high technical performance, consider buying a motorcycle.