Q & A about Battery Maintenance of Electric Bike

Q: Can the battery of electric bike be exposed to the sun for a long time?


A: This is absolutely not possible! Too high temperature will increase the internal pressure of the battery and make the battery lose water, lead to the decline of the battery activity and accelerate the aging of the electrode plate.


Q: Why should the battery be completely discharged and recharged?


A: A full discharge on a regular basis can slightly increase the battery capacity. After complete discharge, the battery will be fully charged, and the battery capacity will be improved.


Q: How to avoid plug heating when charging?


A: 220V power plug or charger output plug loosening, contact surface oxidation and other phenomena will lead to plug heating, heating time will lead to plug short circuit or contact bad, damage charger and battery. The above-mentioned situation should be found in time to remove oxide or replace the plug-in.


Q: How to avoid high current discharge?


A: Electric bikes in the start, manned, uphill, try to avoid stepping acceleration, instantaneous high current discharge will have an impact on battery life.


Q: What should I pay attention to in the cleaning of electric bikes?


A: According to the normal washing method, avoid water flowing into the car body charging socket and avoid short circuit during the cleaning process. Clean the electric bikes with neutral car washing agent, the mixture of cleaning agent should be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions, dip in the cleaning liquid with soft cloth, do not rub hard, lest damage the paint surface.


Q: How to do regular checks?


A: Check and repair regularly at sales center or agent maintenance department.