Random Amplification of the Current Limiting Value of the Controller of an Electric Bike

The current market sampling test shows that the current limiting value of the controller is generally larger than that of the vehicle produced by the best electric bike for hunting manufacturers, especially the luxury electric bicycles. As we all know, it is obvious that increasing current limiting value directly affects battery life.


In order to reflect the “energy” when the vehicle starts up, the R & D personnel often only want to increase the current limiting value of the controller, while ignoring the efficiency of the motor under the current limiting value, because all we need is the effective power. That is, current (I) × voltage (u) × motor efficiency (η _ (n)), and u is related to the magnitude of current l.


The higher the current l, the lower the terminal voltage u, the higher the discharge capacity of the same current discharge, the higher the capacity of the same battery. The efficiency of the motor is related to the current, if the controlled current limiting value is already in the decreasing region of the motor efficiency curve, even below the inflexion of the efficiency curve, the growth limit is futile.


Therefore, the motor efficiency (η) cannot be ignored when the voltage of the battery decreases under the current load. The current limiting value of the controller must be within the inflection point of the motor efficiency curve, and the current limiting value cannot be increased blindly.