The Reason for the Trouble of Riding on an Electric Mountain Bike

Cause of failure 4: the drive system of electric mountain bike rub resistance is too big. The elimination method: 1 adjusts the relevant parts of the transmission system so that the flywheel, sprocket and chain are on the same plane to eliminate the axial run out of the sprocket.

Trouble cause 5: wheel soft. Troubleshooting method: check spokes tension, if insufficient should lock spokes. Fault cause 6: the chain is too tight. The elimination method is very simple, after adjusting the position of the wheel shaft can be.

Cause of failure 7: front, rear shaft and shaft parts are too tight or worn. In this case, loose fasteners or replace or repair worn parts;

That’s why 7 electric bikes are easy to ride. In the daily use of electric mountain bike, we must pay attention to regular checks, so that there will not be “half off the chain” situation.