The Reform Trend of New Energy Transportation Mode

We are going through a great energy revolution, underpinned by rapid advances in new energy and information technology, and we have to jump out of electric bike to assess its impact on the economy and society in the future.

The development of 700c electric bike kit also needs strong support from the government in terms of policies and funds. The policy departments, industries and enterprises are full of confidence in its future development.

Battery technology and charging convenience are the key to promote the industrial explosion, charging infrastructure is an important guarantee for the promotion of electric bike, the need to further strengthen planning, speed up the construction. For the rapid development of green transportation to provide high-quality power security.

The future development direction of internal combustion engine still has the trend of specialization, electronization and lightweight. From the current development trend, the combination of internal combustion engine and electromotive technology will become a new direction of vehicle power technology development, should pay more attention to the integration of internal combustion engine and electric technology innovation.

At the same time, internal combustion engine technology to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions as the main line, gradually in the key technologies, in these areas to organize scientific research to tackle key issues, with a view to energy conservation and emission reduction in the field of transportation. It plays an important role in combating climate change.