The Relationship between the Size of Electric Bike and the Battery

Lead acid battery life is generally in the 360-time repeated charge, so it is best to use to 3/4 in charge, do not charge frequently; Hold the electricity once every half of the month. When the amount of electricity is found to drop obviously, you can try the depth of the point, use the electricity and charge it for 10 hours.


Now models are generally divided into luxury pedal, simple pedal, fat tire electric bike, three types; Batteries are usually divided into large batteries (17ahs 20ahs) and small batteries (14ah and below). Users should not be greedy when choosing batteries, just enough. The 48v battery of 14ah can generally be used 40 km, 30 km after half a year, so the average town resident uses the small battery already enough. 30km is equivalent to the diameter of a medium city. Large batteries are recommended.


The electric car industry is still an assembly industry, a labor-intensive industry, technology content is not high. As a result, the assembly process becomes very important and the worker’s proficiency is the most important. Even if brand manufacturers also have novice, after a certain post after training, but still the weakest in the whole link; Even the miscellaneous car, as long as his spare parts, and skilled workers, but also installed a first-class car.


Brand cars will also have garbage trucks, miscellaneous cars will also have first-class cars, the difference between the two depends on who you buy a better chance of first-class cars.