How to Repair the Following Electric Bike Accessories

  Handle and riser in the new 750 watt electric bike generally do not need to repair, but after the use of a longer time will appear rust, this time cannot be forced screw, should first use loose embroidery water treatment for a period of time, and then with iron hammer carefully knocked on the outside of the front riser. When twisting screws, it is best to use a plums board hand or socket wrench, generally without a nerd hand or movable wrench.

  Plastic parts generally do not maintain. The reason for this article is mainly the resonance of plastic parts. When resonance occurs, the main consideration is whether the fastener is loose or not, and when necessary, the plastic parts can be glued and the frequency of resonance can be changed.

  The essential damage of the cable is not easy to meet in the maintenance, but it takes time to find the reason. Generally speaking, during maintenance, we first look up the areas where problems may occur according to the function of the controller or display, and then look up the connection of the cable according to the corresponding color.

  Bulb repair should be very simple, the reason for this one, because the existing two-wire bulb is very different from the common, if not matched with cable will lead to abnormal operation of the bulb, and even cause other failures. For example, a headlight does not move the whole car, etc.

  Most of the existing power sensors are switched Holzer sensors, and the detection methods of the switch Holzer sensor are as follows:

  Test the working voltage of the sensor, generally with 5 V, 15 v and so on.

  The change of the signal voltage of the sensor during the action of the magnetic steel is generally the jump of the working voltage and the ground potential of the sensor.

  Note that the working face of the sensor matches the magnetic pole of the magnetic steel.